The Indian armed forces flag day


The Indian armed forces flag day

The Indian armed forces flag day

Every Native American celebrates a special Armed Forces Flag Day on December 7th to honor the military and military personnel who have served and protected the country. The day is similar to MoD Day, which was first celebrated in 1956. This day celebrates soldiers who have given their lives to protect the country. People volunteer to raise funds and organize patriotic events to mark the day. So, to celebrate the day, we bring you some wishes and messages to share with your friends and family.

The Indian Armed Forces Flag Day is observed every year on 7th December to raise donations for the improvement of the armed forces personnel. On this day, salute Indian Soldiers, Sailors, and Airmen. The armed forces have lost hundreds of thousands of soldiers who gave their lives defending the country. Indian military personnel organizes various festivals, traditional and cultural programs, plays, and other entertainment during the Armed Forces Flag Day to demonstrate their safety to the public across the country. The tricolor flag, also known as the car flag, which the Indian army participated in issuing, represented the three divisions of the Indian army in red, dark blue, and light blue respectively.

In addition to the benefits for service members and veterans, funds raised on Flag Day go to the rehabilitation of victims of war. The day is also marked by the distribution of small flags in exchange for donations.

On Flag Day, all three branches of the Indian Army, Indian Air Force, and Indian Navy hold colorful performances, carnivals, plays, and other entertainment to show the public what their personnel is doing for the national flag. Ensure national security.

Armed Forces Flag Day History:

In honor of the martyrs and servicemen who fought valiantly and continue to fight for the honor of their country, since 1949, December 7 has been observed throughout the country as Armed Forces Flag Day.

On August 28, 1949, the then-Indian Defense Minister formed a committee and decided to celebrate Flag Day on December 7 every year.

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