Ronaldo's challenge to show Messi by winning the World Cup 2022


Ronaldo's challenge to show Messi by winning the World Cup 2022

Brazilian 'legend' Ronaldo has challenged Argentinian captain Lionel Messi to show after winning the World Cup title. Ronaldo says that because of Messi's extraordinary achievements, he does not deserve the World Cup title.

Ronaldo's challenge to show Messi by winning the World Cup 2022

Before entering the semi-finals, when Argentina defeated the Netherlands in a penalty shootout in the last eight, Messi had one goal and one assist in the game. Before this match went to penalties, Argentina and the Netherlands played a 2-2 draw.

With that victory, Argentina, who is aiming to reach the World Cup final for the sixth time, is playing against Luka Modric's Croatia in the semi-finals today.

Argentina has been supported by Messi's magical performance as they made their way to the semi-finals. Messi scored four goals and two assists in the ongoing tournament in Qatar. In the ongoing World Cup, only Kylian Mbappe of France has been involved in more goals than Messi. Mbappe has scored five goals and two assists so far.

Ronaldo challenged the seven-time Ballon d'Or winner to show that he won't win the World Cup easily. “We all deserve this. But no one will give you anything. Your achievements alone do not qualify you for the World Cup. "Messi also has to win to get ready for this," Ronaldo said.

Ronaldo said that Messi is less effective than before and said that he can still make the game decisive. "Argentina is not playing well. However, they are playing unitedly as a team. Their performance is aggressive and they also have Messi, who can make the game decisive with the ball around the box," says Ronaldo, "However, Messi's influence on the game is somewhat less than before. At the beginning of his career, Messi created 30 chances and now 10. But he is still doing this. Messi looks for space when he gets the ball. Messi has been very effective."

Ronaldo said he would be happy for Messi if Argentina won the World Cup. "If Messi wins the World Cup, I will be happy for him," he said, "But Argentina and Brazil have a great rivalry in football. I wouldn't say I would be happy for Argentina."

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